Other things I've made

“花” (Huā) - 3D printed flower (with chinese “flower” character). I originally made this as a thank you gift for one of my Chinese professors at NYU.

personal heatmap - Google logs my location continuously through the Maps app on my phone. I downloaded my location history from Google, and plotted it using Python and the Google Maps API. (These are my movements around New York City from 2015-2019.)

Assistive Papermaking System I designed and built this rig for book artist Robbin Silverberg so she could start making paper after two years of living with osteoporosis in her back. The system uses a 16ft long ceiling-mounted track and tuned springs to add a restoring force when she sheetforms and couches the paper.

vinyl decal - site logo.

3D printed phone jig - I designed these to support a custom phone case printing project. You attach a blank phone case to the jig and print an image onto it using a sublimation printer. This jig ensures that your print is squared up each time.

“smarticus” - an aftermarket smart fridge product that’s still in the pipeline. This module sits in your fridge’s door and keeps a list of its contents by reading the barcode of everything you put in and take out of your fridge. The biggest design challenge is keeping it powered.