Large-scale Festival Light Installation

Berlin Atonal

I was commissioned by Berlin Atonal for three consecutive years to design, construct, and operate light installations for their annual music and art festival at Kraftwerk Berlin—a massive dufunct East German power station.


In summer 2017 I mounted addressable white LED strips in aluminum gutters, and hung them facing the massive concrete pillars that permeate the space. I used max-MSP and VVVV to spacially map the location of each single LED pixel, and used this mapping to produce volumetric animations within the space.

Atonal 2017


For the next year of the festival, I did the lighting for the VIP bar area. This installation is static (ie, not animated) and features a gradual transition from red to orange across the room. The fixtures are mounted on tensioned cables and zig-zag across the space, congregating at the bar in the left corner.